Brinkley's Husband Allegedly Cheats with Teenager

A bombshell revelation about why Christie Brinkley is splitting from her handsome husband, Peter Cook has emerged. There are now reports of another woman, one who was just 17-years-old when the two first met.

INSIDE EDITION sat down with lawyer Rosemarie Arnold who is representing, Diana Bianchi, the young woman at the center of the scandal. According to Arnold, it all began in 2004 when the petite beauty was working at a toy store near the famous couple's home in ritzy Southampton, New York. Cook was shopping there for his two young children with Brinkley. Later, he offered the teen a job at a higher salary.

"The relationship began when she was working for Mr. Cook, at his architectural firm, as his assistant," Arnold tells INSIDE EDITION.
Bianchi's lawyer says Cook showered her with gifts, including a Nissan Maxima, jewelry and cash. "She was a young impressionable teenager," continued Arnold. In contrast, Cook is 47, and the former CoverGirl Christie Brinkley is 52.

"Eventually her parents found out about the relationship, and realized that she was just young and impressionable, and they were the catalyst in getting her to end it," says Arnold.

Brinkley reportedly first heard the devastating news last month at Southampton High School's graduation. The supermodel was a speaker at the ceremony, and Bianchi's stepfather, a police officer, approached her with the shocking story.

Arnold tells INSIDE EDITION that, "her stepfather confronted Ms. Brinkley and asked her to have her husband leave his teenaged daughter alone"

Bianchi's lawyer says the teenager ended the relationship. Now 19, she's contemplating a sexual harassment suit against Cook. "She's a classic victim, a teenaged victim of a man two and a half times her age," says Arnold.

Source: Inside Edition