May 27, 2006 -- The family of slain graduate student Imette St. Guillen has filed her first notice of intent to sue those they feel are responsible for the killing - and they're seeking $100 million.

The claim filed Thursday cites three state agencies: the Division of Parole, which supervises released ex-cons; the Board of Parole, which decides whether to release them in the first place; and the Department of Correction, which oversees all state prisoners.

The filing accuses the agencies of "gross negligence" in the handling of accused killer Darryl Littlejohn - who was on parole when the murder occurred.

According to Maureen St. Guillen's lawyers, Joseph Tacopina and Rosemarie Arnold, additional suits will be leveled against Littlejohn and The Falls bar, where he worked as a bouncer.

The lawyers said they may also sue the building's landlord: real estate mogul John Zaccaro and his wife, former vice-presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro.

The Post exclusively reported two weeks ago that Imette's mom planned to file the notices of claim.

Despite this first $100 million filing, Tacopina stressed that the mother wasn't looking for a payday.

"It's not about money. It's about forcing change in the system that so grossly failed Imette St. Guillen," Tacopina said.

Imette, a 24-year-old John Jay College student disappeared early on the morning of Feb. 25. She was last seen hours earlier at The Falls.

Her nude body, wrapped in a blanket and tied with clear packing tape, was found that night in a desolate section of Brooklyn.

Littlejohn, 41, has pleaded not guilty.

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Source: New York Post Online Edition